Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturn Talisman - Against-Spells, Charms & Possession

Digital Saturn Talisman
With all the chat about Saturn as of late I thought it a sign from Saturn himself as a perfect time to release my first finished Saturn Digital Talisman!

I have been asked about this Talisman in particular and thought why wait?

This is my rendition and colorization of a Talisman from the Key of Solomon.

This Saturn Talisman is used for Protection against spells, charms & possessions.

The colors I used were taken from 777.

The next in the Saturn Series will be for Uncovering Hidden Mines &Treasures.

Saturn Talisman - Against-Spells,-charms,-&-Possession

Note: You will receive a pdf copy of this image that can be printed but not edited.